Welcome Back !

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Welcome Back!


September 5th, 2017


The staff of Byemoor School would like to welcome students and parents back for the 2017-18 school year. We truly hope that you’ve had a fun and adventurous summer break.


We would like to, first, welcome Tara Hallett and Rich Martel to our school.


Mrs. Hallett has been at Byemoor School before, and will now be teaching 4-9 ELA and Social Studies among others. She has put in a lot of time this summer making sure that everything is ready for students to return and she has some really exciting ideas for projects that students are sure to love.


Mr. Martel comes to us from Edmonton. He has lots of experience in working with students. Beyond his teaching experience, he has lead summer programs for youth, working for the CIty of Edmonton. Mr. Martel also has experience in the trades and enjoys playing/coaching basketball and volleyball. Mr. Martel will teach grade 4-9 Math and Science and 7-9 PE.


You will notice that there will be some changes at Byemoor School this year. We would like you to know that all of these changes have been guided by what is best for students. Some of these changes are:


  • Byemoor students will no longer travel to Gus Wetter School for CTS. Insteads, all students in Grade 4-9 will use the Career and Technology Foundations curriculum in our newly organized makerspace.  Cutting out the time spent in travel has allowed us to schedule more time for students to pursue their own interests and projects.


  • There is a scheduled Literacy Block each day. This is time set aside for all students to work together to polish their skills in reading, writing and speaking. More specific information will be forthcoming about this, but perhaps most important is that we will be using this time to develop leadership opportunities for older students.


  • We are going to do our absolute best to make sure that students are given new opportunities to engage in athletics.


  • A school handbook is attached and we invite you to have a look and let us know if there are any questions or concerns. One change that we would like to call your attention to is the policy regarding cell phones and electronics. Please be advised that we will not be allowing the use of cellphones in class, or at all during the school day, which will include recess. This will also apply to Ipods and Ipads. Students may bring them to school, but devices must be left in lockers at all times.


  • We hope to welcome community members in to be a part of teaching and learning. Where parents have specific areas of expertise, we are hoping that we may have your support in helping us create engaging, real-work projects for students. Attached, you will also see a list of monthly maker challenges. While these projects are optional, we hope to be able to capture the interest of students and support them as they create projects at home with siblings and parents.


  • Byemoor School, and all Clearview Schools, have been granted an extraordinary amount of new Literacy resources. In addition to teaching materials, all grades and classes now have a substantial classroom library that has a wide variety of topics that students will, no doubt, find interesting.


As we start the school year, we want to ensure parents that our staff is committed to be being student centered. Our smaller class sizes will allow us to work with students based on their individual strengths to ensure that learning is relevant to them, and that every student finds success on a daily basis.


We appreciate the ongoing support of the community of Byemoor. Should there ever be any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to stop in and speak with us. Being a community school, we also invite you to think of the possibility of using the school when planning community events.


Looking forward to the year ahead!


Mike Flieger and Gwen Keith for the staff of Byemoor School