January Maker Challenge is annouced


Byemoor School January Maker Challenge


Who leaves the empty cardboard tube in the bathroom at your house? Or who leaves the last paper towel on the roll without getting out a new one? I bet every family has a main culprit, but now you can thank them for making sure to save all of those rolls for our January Maker Challenge. Cardboard tubes, paper towel rolls, TP rolls, wrapping paper rolls, you name it! If it’s a tube shaped piece of cardboard, it will work perfectly for the challenge. Just throw in some fasteners and maybe some paint or other items and you can make something: a marble run, architecture, bridge, maze, catapult, zipline, car ramp, or… The possibilities are endless. If you’re in need of a few tubes, just come up with a plan and Mrs. Keith will try to find you the tubes you need. Your item should be at least 80% tubes.


Our challenge presentation date will be Wednesday, January 31 at 11:05.