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Student success and growth

Just as we are starting to emerge from winter into the brightness of spring, it’s even more exciting to see our communities and schools emerge from the pandemic. 

We are thrilled to be able to offer field trips again, and to welcome families back inside our schools for events, school council meetings, parent teacher interviews and other discussions. This is how school is meant to be; full of life, energy and excitement for learning! 

Byemoor School is also emerging from the pandemic in a strong academic position. Although some students in Clearview did experience learning loss during the pandemic, it is important to note the loss was minimal compared to what other schools are experiencing provincially. We believe our small class sizes and ability to reach out to individual students, paired with the commitment of our dedicated staff and families worked together to ensure the disruption to learning was minimized as much as possible. Thank you educators and parents! 

For the learning loss that did occur, we are taking decisive action to address it as quickly and consistently as possible. For our students in grades 1 to 3, we have taken advantage of provincial grants that are allowing us to target instruction in literacy and numeracy for specific students who showed on assessments they needed support. At Byemoor School we have been  able to focus on smaller groups during literacy block time and during math classes.  Also, through the upper elementary and junior high timetables, we have built time into our literacy and numeracy blocks to focus on specific math and language arts needs, so that every student has time to grow in these key areas.

If you have questions about how your own child is doing academically, please connect with their teacher. We are committed to working as a team, focused on student success and growth! 


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